Aspidistra Eliator

Aspidistra Eliator


In 2001 we started growing the Aspidistra Eliator. Internal growth and procuring starting material on an ongoing basis means that we have now been able to build up an expansive area where we grow this wonderful, strong art-deco plant. Part of the production focuses on the rhizome, which is used as a starting material or a finished plant in pot; the other part focuses on cut leaves for flower arranging. This product is also well-suited for custom-made solutions.


Plant details


  • Cuttings; rooted
  • standard measurements:
    pot 6 - 5 leaf 40+cm
    pot 11 - 10 leaf 70+cm
    pot 13 - 12 leaf 80+cm
    pot 13 - 15 leaf 90+cm 
  • custom plant
    choice of pot, leaves, number

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